LOKI Tactical UAV Training

Designed for Tactical Operations With the LOKI sUAS.

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Executive Summary

This course was specially designed to dramatically increase the tactical abilities of teams utilizing the LOKI System. Specifically highlighted is the ability to:

  • Fly indoors effectively
  • Fly in any lighting seamlessly
  • Fly in rain
  • Remotely correct inverted crashes
  • Fly two LOKI in tandem

Students leave as operational tactical UAV operators using the LOKI system. The training focuses on reality-based flight instruction and emerging tactical strategies for indoor UAV operations. Each student will demonstrate the ability to fly into a building, in varying light conditions, and locate a hiding subject. They will learn how to integrate with tactical teams to provide support for safe structure clearing.

Course Information

Course Length: 2 day (16 hours total)
Cost/Tuition: $395.00
Max Class Size: 24 Students
Recommended For: sUAS Operators, Supervisors and Tactical/Security Operation Teams 

Training Cadre

Tim is a Captain with the Huntington Beach Police Department in Orange County California. Tim is currently the UAS program manager for his department and has been involved in the development of the program from the ground up.

Chris is a Lieutenant with the Huntington Beach Police Department in Orange County California and a military veteran. Chris assisted in developing the departments sUAS program and is currently working as the program supervisor.

Kris serves as Executive Director for the Los Angeles County RTC, and teaches at Golden West College. He is a retired Detective Supervisor and POST Master Instructor. He has designed and taught over 70 courses for CA Law Enforcement.

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