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Advanced UAS Operator’s Course is now California POST certified.  Formerly the Tactical Operator’s course, this revised version is taught by truly experienced public safety UAV pilots who fly missions regularly.  It has more flying , more mission-set scenarios, and more UAV platforms to try out. This course sells out quickly so register early. [More Information]

The new sUAS Managers course begins with an overview of current laws and regulations pertaining to unmanned systems. Students will examine how laws nest beneath the Federal Aviation Administration’s regulations while gaining an understanding of preemption, as it pertains to those federal regulations.
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De-escalation: Mindful Breathing is now California POST certified. This course was specifically created to assist first responders in managing stress before, during, and after stressful encounters to ensure enhanced decision-making during a crisis and the ability to rapidly return from the fight or flight response. [More Information]

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Kris Allshouse

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I am blessed to work with this amazing team of experts who have developed innovations that significantly reduce training costs and simultaneously increase student-outcomes. We have established a culture of exceptionalism which is focused on the ideological principle of helping others first. You will find our courses uniquely empowering and our instructors to be life-long resources. I look forward to working with you and your team to make them the very best that they can be. ~Kris

The 85% Rule

Effective Outcome-Based Instruction

Kris Allshouse, Sergeant (ret.), City of Long Beach, California, and Executive Director, Los Angeles County Regional Training Center, California

What Happened to Public Trust?

An Examination of Outcome-Based Strategies to Enhance Ethical Policing

Kris Allshouse, Sergeant (ret.), City of Long Beach, and Executive Director, Los Angeles County Regional Training Center, California

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