Program Operator's Course

For Implementation of a Comprehensive Aviation Program Based on Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platforms.

*California POST PLAN N/A

Executive Summary

The Los Angeles County Regional Training Center (LACRTC), a 501(c)(3) public benefit charity, is planning a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) or Drone STEM program for the youth in our communities, and hopefully through donations and sponsor, the program will be offered nationwide. The classes are an introduction to the sUAS Industry of today and will be offered to pre-teen and teenagers.

Funds acquired will go directly to the creation and operation of this program, along with equipment and supplies (water, batteries, props, snacks). Since instructors and staff are donating their time for each event, there is minimal administrative cost.

LACRTC, in its mission to serve the public, is creating the educational STEM program to train children about Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems or Drones. This program will be 100% tuition free and will focus on:

  • Flight Safety
  • FAA rules, regulations and the proper use of sUAS
  • Career opportunities through sUAS
  • Basic flight skills with hands-on flight time


What we need:

  • Sponsors willing to donate money and/or equipment
  • Start-Up Funds of $13,000 projected to carry the program over 2 years
  • Locations able to hold the training courses (i.e. AMA or RC fields)
  • Community partners interested in advancing the program
  • FAA 107 certified instructors and volunteers to work future events

Donations in excess of the goal will be used to purchase additional equipment and provide support through each program offering and expand the program outside of Southern California.


Who we are:
The Los Angeles County Regional Training Center is a cadre of accomplished course designers and facilitators who have joined together to address ongoing public service training shortfalls. Our mission is to provide public agencies with the highest quality and most cost-effective training available. We are driven by an ideological purpose to make public safety agencies the absolute best in the world at a cost that is true to taxpayers. Because we are nonprofit and mission-centered, we apply intelligent innovation and flexibility to bring consultation and course presentation to students that is affordable.

LACRTC is the training wing of California Multi Agency Support Services (CAL-MASS), a non-profit organization which was formed to assist Local, State and Federal public service agencies as well as community based organizations with training, technical support for investigative purposes, field operations, consulting and technical assistance during emergency situations. CAL-MASS is primarily funded through private and corporate donations as well as State and Federal grants. Our main focus is to eliminate the ever-growing red tape and political roadblocks often associated with multi-agency support services and provide whatever technical services that are needed in the shortest amount of time possible.

"The level of expertise was incredible. The answers to the questions we asked as a class were answered quickly, efficiently and backed up with data/facts."

Justin C.

"The online course test prep material - made it possible to pass the 107 test. Hands on UAS operations and exercises each day. Instructor knowledge and enthusiasm. Location of class was perfect for what is needed for class."

Brian O.

"The instructors were knowledgeable and professional. The class was informational and entertaining."

Ed I.

Course Information

Course Length: 5 days in class and 8 hours online (48 hours total)
POST Approval: California & Missouri
Cost/Tuition: $1,380.00 (includes FAA 107 exam fee)
Max Class Size: 24 Students
Prerequisites: None
Technical Level: UAS Operators and Supervisors/ Policy Creation
Recommended For: sUAS Operators and Supervisors / Policy and Program Creation

Training Cadre

Tim is a Captain with the Huntington Beach Police Department in Orange County California. Tim is currently the UAS program manager for his department and has been involved in the development of the program from the ground up.

Chris is a Lieutenant with the Huntington Beach Police Department in Orange County California and a military veteran. Chris assisted in developing the departments sUAS program and is currently working as the program supervisor.

Kris serves as Executive Director for the Los Angeles County RTC, and teaches at Golden West College. He is a retired Detective Supervisor and POST Master Instructor. He has designed and taught over 70 courses for CA Law Enforcement.

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