Christopher Nesmith

Lead Instructor
Office: (888) 782-4969

Chris Nesmith has been a Police Officer for more than twenty years and is currently a Lieutenant with an Orange County agency.  He was previously in the Marine Corps for six years.  He has been a police academy instructor as well as a departmental firearms instructor, less than lethal munitions instructor, field training officer, and a precision rifle instructor.  He has his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice.

Chris has worked multiple assignments to include Patrol, Investigations, SWAT, and Air Support.  He supervised the Air Support Unit for over eight years and earned his commercial rotary wing license and his flight Instructor certificate. 

Chris helped develop and implement his department’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems program to include developing the policy, standard operating procedures, training program, and Safety Management System program.  As the program supervisor he has overseen the deployment of UAVs in patrol settings as well as integrated the use of UAVs in the SWAT tactical environment.

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