About the Los Angeles County Regional Training Center

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide public agencies with the highest quality and most cost-effective training available.

Executive Summary:

The LACRTC is a cadre of accomplished course designers and facilitators who have joined together to address ongoing law enforcement and fire training shortfalls.

LACTRC is driven by an ideological purpose to make public safety agencies the absolute best in the world at a cost that is true to tax payers.   Because we are non-profit and mission-centered, we apply intelligent innovation and flexibility to bring consultation and course presentation to students that is affordable.

Every course facilitator has demonstrated a true mastery of course-design and classroom facilitation. Each instructor is vetted and brings the experience of having been sought by public and private sector entities because of their training prowess. Each course has been carefully designed using a three-part process of research, instructional systems design built upon the 85% Rule©, and finally the creation of a complete and thorough total training documentation package.

LACRTC is a Corporate Affiliate of CAL-MASS​

California Multi Agency Support Services (CAL-MASS), a non-profit organization, was formed to assist Local, State and Federal public services agencies with training, technical support for investigative purposes, field operations, consulting and technical assistance during emergency situations.

CAL-MASS is primarily funded through private and corporate donations as well as State and Federal grants. Our main focus is to eliminate the ever-growing red tape and political roadblocks often associated with multi-agency support services and provide whatever technical services that are needed in the shortest amount of time possible.

All too often technology is overlooked, partially because of the way operations have been conducted for the last fifty years, but mainly because of shrinking budgets, over-tasked employees, and the lack of technically skilled personnel. Often, smaller agencies and departments can no longer afford to staff units dedicated to technical investigations, thereby causing them to lose one of the greatest investigative tools available to them.

CAL-MASS, through its services, will benefit the community and work to “Lessen the Burdens of Government” by raising funding, primarily through Federal and State grants, as well as corporate and private donations. This will allow CAL-MASS to perform a multitude of services such as but not limited to education and training programs, technical assistance and investigative consulting, field support, mobile and emergency communications and community programs and services.

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