Interdrone 2019

The Los Angeles County Regional Training Center was in attendance of this year’s InterDrone Conference 2019, The International Drone Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas. This conference is where the commercial UAV industry comes together with other UAV pilots, service providers, UAS engineers and developers, UAV manufacturers, videographers and enterprise UAV end-users at one of the largest, commercially dedicated drone shows. The conference was the place to be for everything new in the UAS industry, from new imaging software to Counter Drone Equipment, and everything in between such as FPV googles and UAS parts.

One of the highlights of the conference was being able to have our Director of UAS Training, Tim Martin speak on a panel among other industry professionals, discussing the importance of UAS used for Public Safety. The panel titled, “Drones in Public Safety: An End-User’s Perspective”, was centered on last year during the series of unfortunate natural disasters the United States experienced where drones proved their worth as an essential tool in public safety. With programs in place, emergency response personnel from fire to police and search and rescue, were able to execute operations efficiently and effectively.

This panels discussion focused on real-world applications for using drones in public safety, and the best equipment and strategies to use in dire situations. Tim specifically spoke about his industry-specific incidents where UAS were able to help, and also touched on the future of public safety with UAS.

LACRTC also had the pleasure of meeting with various fire and police departments and are looking forward to keeping in touch & scheduling new courses for 2020. Altogether, the InterDrone Conference of 2019 was not only informative but was also great because of the countless connections we made with past, current, and future students.  

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